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A plague of Liberal Democrats!

Argh! I am being plagued by Liberal Democrats! First I had one come to take me to the polling station. That was ok, I had ordered him :) He turned out to be no less than a former Mayor of Kingston, a well-known Asian businessman who was the borough's first ever ethnic minority Mayor - there is a meeting hall in Norbiton named after him. Woo. Then I got mobbed by tellers outside the polling station, although that was a plague of all the parties except Labour: there was even an English Democrat and a Socialist Labour person there. They were very excited by the fact that my number on the electoral register this time round is 888. Since then, I've had two LibDems knock on my door (separately) to ask whether I've voted yet, and I'm wondering how many more will come before the night is out.

The race is going to be tight: Kingston Council is only just controlled by the Lib Dems, and losing this seat to the Tories will make a difference. Unfortunately, with it being a by-election for a single council seat, most people really couldn't care less either way. I almost don't care, because all you ever hear about Kingston Council in the local press is bitching and moaning about whatever they're doing. Yet, we have a damn good recycling service here now (still doesn't collect everything I want, but it's improved dramatically since the Lib Dems took over), the streets are clean and mostly well-maintained, there are all kinds of useful services available if you bother to find out about them (like the very low price cycling lessons), and, if I happened to have a child of school age, the schools here are good, which puts the property prices up. Not that I particularly care about that, but it's nice to know that my house is still worth at least what we paid for it. Help, I'm turning into a Daily Mail reader!

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