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links of the week

From elynne, Why being into cats is essentially the same as being into psychotic tweakers. ceno & epi_lj (and anyone else who LOVES CATS) should read this. Laughed so hard, I had to stop to BREATHE.

Thought-provoking stuff I found on my friends list today:
Food For (Dirty) Thoughts by the_siobhan. About food as sex, and abstinence.

untitled, by fj, about why high school was sucky.

Intolerable Beauty - Portraits of American Mass Consumption. Link and commentary by epi_lj and friends.

nmc's poll of pedantry.

On Faking NT, by griffen. Interesting for anyone who is autistic, or wants to know what it's like to have an autistic spectrum disorder. NT, btw, means "neurotypical", which is psychologist talk for "non-autistic". Although, some personality disorders and severe depression & stuff like that makes you non-NT as well.

Also, On mothering by porcinea. An amazing post, because at the same time it vindicates the decisions both of those who have chosen to become parents and those who have chosen to remain childfree.
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