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quick update just to say I'm alive

The last few days have involved working on my Super Sekrit Project and taking painkillers. I originally wrote "lots of painkillers", but by the standards of the past few months, that's not really true. Paracetamol & codeine twice a day really doesn't count as "lots" when compared to paracetamol & dihydrocodeine & Tramadol four times a day.

It's difficult to talk about the Super Sekrit Project without accidentally saying what it is, so the status report on it will be gloriously vague. Chapter 1 is almost done, & will be online in the next few days. The delay is due more to me having reached the limit of what I can be bothered to do than having reached the limit of what I can do. Actually, I've greatly enjoyed the technical challenge of this chapter - there are a few places where I really want to explain how I did it, but at the same time don't want to destroy the magic - and I know if I post "spoilers" or "outtakes" that some people will end up reading them and then being disappointed. Argh. Perhaps it'll end up as "email/PM me if you really want to know".

Today I have been mostly watching Pokemon cartoons. Woke up feeling very blah and needed to be cheered up. One of the episodes thoroughly out-cuted us, so it was all good. Just had a huge bowl of homemade moyashi soba - well, actually, that was about an hour ago, but I'm still full.
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