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Richard and H-L in Nu Metal shocker!

As some of you know, I'm not really into popular music. The only CD I have that was released this year is the newest Izzy Stradlin effort, "River". OK, he was in Guns N'Roses a long time ago, but his solo albums have all been laid-back blues rock, released with no advertising at all - hardly the sort of thing that is fashionable! I have only 5 albums dated 2000 (Blur - "The Best Of", Elastica - "The Menace", Grand Theft Audio - "Blame Everyone", Silver Ginger 5 - "Black Leather Mojo" and The Yo-Yos - "Uppers and Downers"), and only one of those could be described as a chart record. The majority of CDs I have were released between 1990 and 1997. Richard's usual choice of listening material is even older - most of the albums in his collection were originally released on vinyl, many before he was even born.

So I was somewhat surprised when he came home the other day with the Blink-182 album. Having previously laughed at people who like this sort of modern punk stuff (they're mostly all 14), I was even more surprised to discover that I like the album. Does this mean that my goth credentials will be taken away?

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