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OK, it seems that I'm destined to blether about music tonight:

If I a) lived in Toronto, and b) could stand smoke well enough to spend 6 hours in a bar, you bet I'd be at this: Just Ace Of Spaces.

Listen to the same song for 6 hours on autorepeat and make money for charity? Fuck, yeah!

I mean, at least it's not "Smoke on the Water", "Sweet Child O'Mine", or any of the other "classics" that will get you banned from a guitar shop :)

Several people whose taste in music I trust suggested that if I like Freezepop, I should also like Ladytron. So when I got an email from eMusic saying they had their allbum, I downloaded it. All I can say is that I paid all of 14/40 x US$5.99 for this, rather than the actual cost of the CD. The seven tracks I've listened all fail the fundamental h-l property of music, which is: I must be able to sing along to it.

The Ladytron "songs" consist of the same 3-4 lines of lyrics repeated over and over again for 2-4 minutes. Uh?

Pop pop:
Been listening to lots of Erasure recently. Got "The Circus", which is their 1987 extremely gay album. Pretty much every song on there contains not-very-veiled references to homosexuality. I just can't stop listening to it.

I spent a lot of my teen years wishing I had been born 3 or 4 years older, so I could have been old enough to see such-and-such a band when they played at The Marquee. But now, I think I'm pretty happy being 29 in 2005. I like the fact that I live in a city, in a country, where I can be open with my sexuality. I like the fact that I have the internet, and can meet freaks like me all over the world. If I'd been 18 in 1987, I think I'd have been a lot more fucked up than I am.

One day the boy decided
To let them know the way he felt inside
He could not stand to hide it
His mother she broke down and cried
Oh my father
Why don't you talk to me now?
Oh my mother
Do you still cry yourself to sleep?
Are you still proud of your little boy?

Don't be afraid
You don't have to hide away

The boy he was rejected
By the people that he cared for
It's not what they expected
But he could not keep it secret anymore
Far from home now
Waiting by the telephone
There's a new world
You can make it on your own
Are you still proud of your little boy?

Don't be afraid
You don't have to hide away
(Don't be afraid)
(Love will mend your broken wing)
(Time will slip away)
(Learn to be brave)

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