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I suck.

I think I have poor impulse control.

I mean, I seem to be very good at posting things online somewhere that I then look at in the cold, hard light of day and think "WTF was I thinking?". And then want to delete it and run away.

The way it works with this journal is that I delete nothing, but REALLY stupidly embarrassing stuff occasionally gets marked as private so no one else has to read it. Apart from that, I leave it be as a record of the person I once was. So what if the person I was in 2002 was an idiot? I'm not her any more.

Of course, that works well enough for my own journal, where I am my own censor - and principally, my own audience. I'm pretty unsure what to do if I accidentally open a can of worms in public, though. Apologise, & try to stuff the invertebrates back in? Doesn't really work - you find little wormlets all over the place for the next couple of weeks, and end up cutting yourself on the badly-opened can. Leave it be, & brazen it out? Not sure I really have the guts for that.

Yes, this is a purely hypothetical situation. Of course. And I'm a liar.

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