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baratron's stories, & 150 interests is NOT ENOUGH

It's done! baratronstories. If you want to read my Sims 2 stories or comment on them, go there.

I'm officially bored of HTML now, so I'm going to go and ... PLAY Sims 2 now! (Yeah, sometimes I forget there's an actual game there.)

Also, interests ++ evil gall bladders, Hot Topic, Sims 2, Sims 2 hacking
interests -- Chessington World of Adventures, goth, Linux, Silver Ginger 5

150 interests is not enough! It never has been! If I didn't have to keep knocking interests off, I'd be up to 300 by now! Gah!

I'm seriously scraping the barrel to know what to knock off next. I suppose I could remove Jake The Rake, as adjectivemarcus is too busy with real life to do it anymore. "Pride flags" is there as a bit of a joke, to annoy all the people who don't like rainbows or pink. I could lose "hair", but it is quite a major interest of mine! It's almost the first thing I notice about someone. "Konami", mebbe, because I have Bemani games listed as a separate interest, and I've never been particularly interested in Winning Eleven. ARGH!

I don't have "Game Boy Advance" or "Nintendo DS" or "GameCube" on my list for no specific reason (except lack of space), no Pikmin, no delicious opioids, no soy milk, ...

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