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baratron's stories, & 150 interests is NOT ENOUGH
It's done! baratronstories. If you want to read my Sims 2 stories or comment on them, go there.

I'm officially bored of HTML now, so I'm going to go and ... PLAY Sims 2 now! (Yeah, sometimes I forget there's an actual game there.)

Also, interests ++ evil gall bladders, Hot Topic, Sims 2, Sims 2 hacking
interests -- Chessington World of Adventures, goth, Linux, Silver Ginger 5

150 interests is not enough! It never has been! If I didn't have to keep knocking interests off, I'd be up to 300 by now! Gah!

I'm seriously scraping the barrel to know what to knock off next. I suppose I could remove Jake The Rake, as adjectivemarcus is too busy with real life to do it anymore. "Pride flags" is there as a bit of a joke, to annoy all the people who don't like rainbows or pink. I could lose "hair", but it is quite a major interest of mine! It's almost the first thing I notice about someone. "Konami", mebbe, because I have Bemani games listed as a separate interest, and I've never been particularly interested in Winning Eleven. ARGH!

I don't have "Game Boy Advance" or "Nintendo DS" or "GameCube" on my list for no specific reason (except lack of space), no Pikmin, no delicious opioids, no soy milk, ...

Current Mood: geeky geeky

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