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Birthday (and Christmas) presents for Richard

This is me getting organised.

I know this is really late - I started writing this post about a month ago, but then I got ill again and stressed & just forgot. It doesn't really matter - Richard is thoroughly unconcerned about his b'day at the best of times, and doesn't really care when he gets presents.

I am trying not to buy Richard any more t-shirts because it transpires that he has an enormous number of them already - well over 20, and I get sick of washing & drying them ;) I really should "persuade" him to get rid of all the crappy free ones that are just advertising some product he doesn't even use. However, he does need sweatshirts & hooded tops. So that's what I'm buying.

Things I have bought for the Richard:
I'm Only Wearing Black Until They Make Something Darker hoodie. From tshirtgrill. I've already given this to him.
Geek Insulation Unit sweatshirt. From J!NX. I have to pick this up from the Post Office depot, and that involves getting up early in the morning :/
Cuddly Wobbuffet. Richard loves Wobbuffet. He wants to join the Wobbuffet fan club, but there isn't one.

I also want to get him something from the Engrish store, but I can't decide between Poisonous and Evil Rubbish (on grey), Stick to Coffee and Alcohol (black), or I Hate my Life (black). ("I hate my life. Every day I polish my revolver and I shoot my head like a rock star.") That will probably be for Christmas, if he still needs sweatshirts then.

Things you could buy for the Richard:
One of the Engrish sweatshirts, as already mentioned.

Stuff from ThinkGeek:
Caffeine Hooded Sweatshirt - in M, probably.
Caffeine Mug. We used to have 2. Now we only have 1. Please fix this!
Blunt Desktop Signs. I'm sure the entire Tech Services department will enjoy these.

The Joys of Engrish book.
One Stop Short of Barking: Uncovering the London Underground - by Mecca Ibrahim. The reviews imply it is amusing.
Spread of London's Underground - by Tim Demuth. Also available from the London Transport Museum shop.
A Logo For London - by David Lawrence

T-shirt (yes I know, but they don't do sweatshirts) from BustedTees:
Beards: They Grow On You! t-shirt - in red, M. Too amusing to pass up.

Come Christmas time, there will be a bunch of games out that you could buy for him, or me, or both of us. More about that, later.

If you are going to get any of these, please comment below so other people know. Thanks!

Other cool stuff I have found on my travels - no, I don't want people to buy these for me/us, I just thought they were cool:
Geek Love Poem t-shirt. Has anyone here bought girly t-shirts from ThinkGeek? They claim their girls' XL is a US size 12-14, but I think that's unlikely - most XLs are a US 14-16, or even a US 16-18. However, I need to check because the likelihood of me fitting into anything smaller than a US 14 is pretty low - I have too much bust for that.
Giant Robot Invasion stickers. I don't actually want these for myself (we have enough artwork already), but I thought they were cool.
FrogPad - One handed keyboard. I'd really like to try one of these to see how easy it is to use. Somehow, I don't want to buy one without having tried it, can't think why ;)
Pirates of the Internet t-shirt. From J!NX. Also available as a sweatshirt. ARRR!
Talk Nerdy To Me t-shirt - with Japanese text. Teh kool. Also in girly fit.
Choose Your Weapon t-shirt. With dice. Also available as a sweatshirt.
Ban the Burberry t-shirt. Also in girly fit and sweatshirt.

Stuff people might want to buy me:
Female Geek Coalition longsleeve. From J!NX. In XL. If you're getting stuff from J!NX anyway, that is.

Hrm. I can't remember what else I was going to say. Oh well.

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