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just another manic Monday (except it's now Tuesday)

It is 6.20am and I am completely hysterical. I have an urge to run round the house screaming and whirling my arms around like a banshee to use up all the nervous energy, but I think that would cause complaints from the neighbours, and possibly calls to the police. Unfortunately, merely padding round the house whirling my arms quietly probably won't do the trick, so I'm not sure how I'm going to calm down enough to go to sleep, unless someone comes round with a sledgehammer.

My general state of mania can be blamed on three things: Tramadol, hormones and the (not very) Super Sekrit Project that is slowly-but-surely coming together. Took 214 photographs in Sims 2 today. Have set up some shots that are so cool I even impressed myself. Sadly, most of them don't actually fit into the storyline, but at least I know how to do them now :)

I post some really random crap, don't I?

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