helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

I really did laugh out loud at this...

BroAdam: now I need to review my OS course
BroAdam: and then take a test
BroAdam: and then forget everything I learned to make room for the material I need for Monday's test
BroAdam: in American, we call this "VICIOUS, VICIOUS CRAMMING"
BroAdam: the caps being part of the technical term
BroAdam: I can only assume that in England and Australia you call this by another term
BroAdam: such as "a fucking crap way to do things"
astalice: you have a test on Monday? huh?
astalice: didn't you only just go back?
BroAdam: yes
BroAdam: Comprehensive Exams
BroAdam: pursuant to getting a Ph.D.
BroAdam: to show that I have some clue about other aspects of my field rather than what I did my thesis in
BroAdam: theoretically
astalice: hmmmmm!
astalice: if we had to do those, I'd have no chance
BroAdam: in actuality, I think they're just getting me to buy books that cover other aspects of my field so that when I'm clueless about something later in life I'll have a reference
astalice: ah :)
Nooks: can't they just check you have internet access instead?

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