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My sims are broken.

Oh yes, and just to improve my mood further - my Sims 2 game has the jump bug. Otherwise known as 0x85 or too many iterations, this bug occurs for a variety of reasons, mainly due to Maxis' insistence on using fixed integers for various bits of code within the game instead of variables. Mine is occurring because the sims in that family have "too many" memories, so when they go to chat about something and the game looks at their memories to provide conversation, the game gets itself stuck in a loop and the sims constantly reset. It renders the game utterly unplayable, because you leave the sims doing just about anything, and suddenly they've jumped halfway across the room with their queues entirely wiped. Even debug mode doesn't help. Last night, I was trying to play in debug mode to set up some photos, and quite literally every second an error message would appear in the middle of screen telling me that object Max had an "unexplained transition" - cancel, reset, delete? Couldn't do A Thing.

So, uh, yeah - I've got to trash my Neighbourhood 002 and restore it from backups, and pray. Can't play any other families, because a jump bug in a single household can be contained, but jump bugs that run rampant across the whole Neighbourhood cause the game to explode into a Big Firey Ball That's Visible From Outer Space. Repatching the game should help, but I desperately need A No Dream Date Spam mod to prevent the problem from happening again, and both the hackers I trust to provide me with such a thing are not currently in a position to do so. In the worst case, I'll have to hand-hack that family in SimPE to remove extraneous memories, and I don't really know what I'm doing with that, so it's a case of try something, see if it makes the game explode, restore from backup, repeat. Joy joy joy frigging joy joy.

So yeah, all my stories are on hold pending jump bug removal. In theory, I could carry on working with Neighbourhood 004, where SimFreezepop live, but I don't want to risk it. If the game installation is already unstable, then even in a fresh Neighbourhood with 4 playable characters with few memories, it could suddenly go all BFBVFOS on me, and it would upset me even more if it happened to them.

Moan. Just what I need. My real life is all ouchy and painful, and my main source of relaxing fantasy is broken and no longer relaxing. Bah.
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