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When Gallstones Attack.

Eurgh. Gallstones started irritating me on Thursday. Yesterday I woke up panicky and in pain, but we'd arranged to go out with hatter & bfo to celebrate Richard's birthday, and I didn't want to miss that. Plus, I'm experienced enough in The Way of the Gallstones to know that, even if I spent the evening eating nothing more exciting than breakfast cereal, it wouldn't actually help. So we went to the Riverside Vegetaria, and I had sensible low-fat food, and came home, and then the gallstones attacked in earnest. Stupid things. It was the kind of attack where Tramadol wasn't actually strong enough to help, so I was lying in bed crying with the pain & trying to debug my Sims 2 game... very very slowly.

So between pain and all-over itchiness, I got all of 2 hours sleep last night. Slept from maybe 7.20-9.20am, woke up to ring work, and then stark raving insomnia set in, and although I was too tired to move, I couldn't sleep either. Joy and bliss. Eventually drifted off again sometime this afternoon.

I desperately need to do something about the gallstones, but not only do I have my initial fear of the operation to deal with, I have all the traumatic stuff that happened last time, which I'm really not dealing with. Need to get my head fixed before I can get the gallstones fixed, but I still don't know how to get my head fixed :/ Blah.
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