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Snotty & wheezy (and no, those aren't characters from Harry Potter).

Argh! If you weren't already sick of me moaning about my health, here's some more "good" news. Today I woke up with a totally blocked up nose and a congested chest. I think I might have an infection of some sort. Reason is, my gall bladder is still hurting badly (four days after it started - this kind of length of episode isn't just a stone moving around), I'm profoundly wheezy and short of breath, and I haven't been out of the house since Friday nor in contact with anyone who's got a cold. I'm unsure if I have a fever, because I've been taking paracetamol (among other things) for the pain, and that generally reduces fever. "Hooray." Got to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to see the emergency GP in the morning, & hope it's someone nice, & make an appointment to see my GP while I'm there.

OK, as you were. Please continue to post about interesting, good things happening in your lives. I need the distraction :)

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