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I have a load of fatfree and very low fat recipes that I've invented because of my gall bladder problem. They include such delights as fatfree chocolate brownies, and they're all vegan. The only problem is they all use metric measures, because, well, I'm European, and a scientist, and grams make more sense to me than anything else. (I hate hate hate the American "cup" measure, which is by volume rather than mass). I cannot be bothered to convert them, so if you wanted to use other units, you'd have to figure that out yourself.

Only the chocolate brownie recipe is typed in currently, but I can do the rest if people want them. Putting them in order I have, um:

- very low fat pancakes w/ maple syrup
- very low fat sweetcorn fritters (savoury variant of the pancakes)
- fatfree potato scones (serve with baked beans or tinned tomatoes for a hot breakfast)

- fatfree soy protein & vegetable stir "fry"
- fatfree tomato rice (can form the basis of a risotto if you add more vegetables to it)
- fatfree stuffed peppers (with tomato rice!)
- fatfree vegetable stew (invented last night!)
- virtually fatfree cottage pie (with soy protein mince- could also use Quorn if you're not vegan)
- very low fat veggie fajitas (uses a proprietary brand sauce that would need replacing outside .uk)
- very low fat moyashi soba (Japanese-style ramen soup with tofu)
- very low fat spaghetti bolognaise
- very low fat lasagne (uses the bolognaise sauce from above plus a proprietary vegan "cheese" sauce that would need to be replaced outside .uk - and I've already tried all the US brand ones and found them disgusting)
- very low fat beanburgers (These taste good but suffer from excessive dryness - I'm trying to tweak the recipe to fix them).
- hummus (fairly low fat, & served with plain pitta bread and/or crunchy raw veg).

- virtually fatfree chocolate brownies
- completely fatfree gingerbread
- virtually fatfree waffles (requires a waffle iron)
- fatfree orange sorbet (requires an ice cream maker)
- very low fat strawberry soymilk ice cream (requires an ice cream maker)

That's about it, I think. *tries to remember if there's anything else I've been making* Notice that none of these recipes are low carbohydrate, and the sweet ones are not low-sugar, as I don't have issues with carbohydrates or sugars.

Kake's Vegan Cookery Site has fatfree and very low fat recipes for things like black bean soup (mmm), and even fatfree potato chips ("fries")! It actually works, too - as long as you smother the resulting chips in lots of ketchup or gravy!

So, um, yeah. Shout if you want me to type any of this stuff up. I've been meaning to bung it on my web site for months now, but, y'know, time, effort, that sort of thing. I'm more likely to get round to it if I think it'll be useful to people, so please comment if you do want them.

The number keeps going up because I keep remembering more recipes!
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