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My gall bladder is teh evil today. But I actually got enough sleep last night despite the pain (there was a bit where I woke up going eurgh and took Tramadol, & went back to sleep), and my student came to the house. It's amazing how much difference that makes. Y'know, having to get dressed and go downstairs is orders of magnitude easier than having to get dressed warm enough for outside, having to pack all my various pills & potions, walk to the bus stop, stand around waiting for a bus, get on the bus, maybe change buses halfway, walk at the other end carrying all my books... then do the same journey in reverse. Charging £3-5 less per hour is worth it for the difference in my coping ability.

otterylexa came up yesterday as well, which was nice, even I was too sleepy to talk before she had to leave today. And I'm trying to make plans to see some other friends over the next few days, which'll also be nice if it works. And Richard has been doing DIY things in the house! Hopefully our bathroom sink no longer leaks! He's bought some double-glazing material for improved insulation.

There'll be an update later with my new Sims story, which after quite literally months is almost finished. Thanks to all who helped with wording of various bits. Just got to decide on the last few photos, & it's done. Mitch & Max finally got married last night. Squee! As I had 19 controllable sims on the lot at the time and alt-tabbing to Windows Explorer to check the photos was impossible, I ended up with 178 shots to sort though. Yikes.
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