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photo weirdness (GIP - sorta)

Huh. How bizarre. I just found a photo of me on my hard drive that doesn't look anything like me. It's odd, because it's cropped to fit within lj's 100x100 limit, and yet it wasn't uploaded here as a userpic. Perhaps it freaked me out too much. Or perhaps I only had 10 userpics at the time. Who knows? :)

Anyway, because I am perverse, I decided to upload it and set it as my new default userpic and make a Gratuitous Icon Post. This is especially ironic as lj is currently having "issues" with userpics. So it could be I'll post this today and none of you'll see it until Thursday. Oh well.

It took a helluva lot of searching to find the original photo it was cropped down from, but it turns out to be one from BiCon 2002 with mattp and mhw. I just found a whole bunch of photos that I need to get permission from people to put online, because they're really great.

If I find a really great photo of you on my hard drive, can I post it on my lj photo album?

Yes - publicly
Yes - to your (baratron's) friends-only
Email it to me first for approval

People I have a lot of photos of are djm4 nitoda (& partners), rosefox, skibbley & E, aegidian, mhw, mattp, otterylexa (hmmm, funny, that). There's also quite a few of the person who I think is called ruth_sedina. I have one of barakta & kimble together (CUTE!), wandra & fluffKitten (ADORABLE!), memevector and *topless* 36 (fantastic genderfuck), the_maenad & Simon (aww), uh... If you are one of these people, or know one of these people, get them to read this post and answer the poll. Even if you aren't on the list but suspect I have photos of you, please answer the poll. I don't really want to waste time emailing photos to people who are happy for them to go up :)

Some other photos are sufficiently kinky that I think they need emailing for approval. There are a few of the_kumquat in fetish/club wear. There is an AMAZING photo of softfruit and friend, who may or may not be Oliver, in extremely kinky clothing with lexa's otter Henry - it is a damn hot photo if I say so myself. The presence of the cuddly otter just perfects it. Email, dear stripey person?

Those are just my BiCon photo folders. I haven't even started on the alt.polycon ones yet. With alt.poly, there is an issue with some of the older photos that I have pictures of people with now "evil ex-" partners, but there are fortunately fewer of these than there might've been. Not sure what to do about them, though.

I think this picture looks like my mum with my colouring, or like bcholmes. I don't think it looks like me. It's odd.

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