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Amazing boyband vampire story! With cute girls!

I have a mean, rotten boyfriend. I've been sitting here glued to the screen for 2 hours, reading an amazing story called Deception Pass. It's a Sims 2 photo story, with a plot that's like Poppy Z. Brite and Buffy The Vampire Slayer got together and made beautiful babies. It has:
- cute arty girls.
- pretty musician guys with fantastic hair, who are also vampires.
- an adorable gay couple.
- mad scientists. Who are also cute. If you like evil people.
- a very evil rich overlord. And guess what? Even he's cute! But evil.
- some more vampires, some of them quite sexy.
- an amazing kick-ass voodoo grandmother.
- zombies. Human and hamster.

So I was explaining this to Richard as my excuse for having not got off my arse to turn the tofu he prepared earlier into dinner, and he said, "It sounds absolutely perfect". With hints of rolling his eyes at my general sadness, although he didn't actually do that. Just implied it, y'know? Well, I'm sorry that I find cute pale-skinned bright-eyed long-haired guitarist boys attractive! :)

Anyway, if that sounds like your sort of story, definitely check it out. But make sure you have a lot of hours free, first. I'm a fast reader, and even then it's taken me 2 hours to read the first 13 chapters - and I have 3 more to go. It also has a livejournal deception_pass, which you have to visit to read Chapter 16, it's not on the website for some reason.

I am totally in awe. It'll be months before I can do this sort of thing with the sims. Makes all my stories look pathetic. (And talking of which, my damn photo gallery is still not working. Bah.)
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