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moaning about drugzz & boilers

Bollocks. I only have 10 Tramadol capsules left. That's 5 doses. And my gall bladder is being annoying enough for me to be currently considering using one of them. Likelihood of J. Random Doctor letting me have a prescription for a strong painkiller? That's if I can even pluck up the courage to see whoever the random morning GP is. Why didn't I ask my GP on Friday? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Also, our boiler is in the process of packing up. Again. It still sort-of works, but the hot water supply is dodgy enough that I wouldn't want to shower with it - being suddenly drenched in cold water is not good for me. Our usual CORGI engineer can't come round because his mum just died, and I can't get hold of the alternative one he recommended.

Once again, Timing Is Everything. Of course the boiler has to wait until it's winter and we need it, it's just sod's law. I'm especially pissed off because we're trying to make the boiler last until we replace the kitchen, when it becomes a lot more practical to rip everything out. Had I not been ill over the summer, we would have got the building work done and replaced the kitchen by now, probably. So this is yet another knock-on effect of the bloody gallstones. I just want them to stop kicking my arse, y'know?
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