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I get the feeling that a new day sun is rising

I feel like everything I've done today has been a complete waste of time. Look at me, still awake at nearly 8am, and do I have anything to show for it? No. My livejournal Scrapbook is still broken, even though status.livejournal.com lies and says all the issues from the move have been fixed. Opened a support request 10 hours ago, and have been ignored. Posted on a 3D forum, and am still waiting for the moderator to approve my message. And I've spent hours doing something in Sims 2 that I don't like and think I'm going to throw out anyway. Oh joy joy joy.

I'm tired and wound up and nothing's going right, and things that are supposed to be fun aren't. I really need to just fall over and sleep and come back to everything in the morning. But being wound up means I can't just go to sleep - need to try & relax first. Which is difficult when I'm this stressed!
Tags: moaning, sims 2

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