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why LJ sucks

I am so angry at the livejournal business entity. Today is Tuesday 29th November. My lj Scrapbook has been broken since Sunday 20th November. Is there any indication of when it will be fixed? Hell, no. status.livejournal.com claims it's fixed already.

The LJ admin said if there were any more issues outstanding that we should submit a Support request - I did that 21 hours ago and have heard nothing. I know I have a Permanent account so I'm not actually paying LJ currently, but I was going to buy more Scrapbook space. Right now, there is NO WAY I will give LJ any more money, if this is the way they treat their paying customers.

I don't mind that things get broken during a move - yes, I understand that will happen. I do mind the complete information blackout, where they don't bother to tell us how long it'll take to get it fixed or what we need to do (hang on? delete the missing photos and re-upload them? wipe everything & start over?). I mean, I could have re-uploaded the photos days and days ago, but I was reluctant to do that in case LJ restored from an old version of the database and that made things even worse. Really not happy at all.

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