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still b0rken!

Oh look. Scrapbook went down from 11.30pm-3.30am GMT. status.livejournal.com claims it is, really, honestly, fixed.

It isn't.

At this point, I'm more amused than anything else. I could've uploaded the pictures to my own web site a dozen times over and had time left for dessert. Now it's a battle of wills. Who will crack first? The h-l monster or the LiveJournal Business Entity?

In other news, something VERY BAD happened in my Sims game tonight. Photos will follow when LJ Scrapbook decides to co-operate. Suffice to say I have emailed the real person that the sim is based on and told him not to Watch Clouds for the next couple of days, because I really wouldn't handle it if he got hit by a falling satellite & killed in real life ;)

It's ok. Sims can plead with the Grim Reaper. And even if that hadn't worked, I could have Quit Without Saving.

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