helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

links of the week, or thereabouts

This is absolutely frigging hilarious: For the love of Nano. My favourite bit is the "it's late, I've not slept in three days and I don't know any words any more" category, which is rather like my own, endearing Noun Disease, otherwise known as "Um. Thingy.". Fortunately? my Noun Disease doesn't seem to affect my writing, but perhaps that's because when I have entirely lost nouns I'm usually too fried to attempt to write anything anyway.

Also, the gayest Superman & Batman comic ever. The worm-alien bit needs to be seen to be believed.

Did I ever post the link about the Roomba here? Had it open in my browser for about 2 weeks, but, um... The whole article is hilarious, especially when the Roomba is chasing the cats. Which is most of the article, actually.
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