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Richard is a Big Meanie.

Richard just went out wearing black PVC trousers (with lacing up the side) and a fishnet top. He is going to meet his paintballing associate Pinky.

When I expressed surprise at his attire, he "explained" that he is meeting Pinky at a friend's birthday party and needs to conform to the dress code. (Pinky works for Cyberdog).

I pointed out that I am only too happy for Richard to wear PVC trousers, and that he should, in fact, wear them all the time.

He said "What, round the house?". Apparently, wearing PVC trousers in the house is not The Done Thing.

Humph! I say to that.

Roll on 2007, when allegedly there will be a smoking ban and I will be able to go to nightclubs again (yeah, right) and ogle goffic & cyberpunk boiz in their black, silver & fluorescent-coloured skintight tops & PVC. Yum.

In the meantime... I'll jut sit here and play with my SimFreezepop. Because my actual PARTNER is too MEAN to indulge me. Huh!
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