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So what IS the link between female hormones and gallstones? I know that they are considerably more likely to occur in women, full stop, and then within the subset of women, more likely to occur for: women post-hysterectomy, TS women who didn't have a uterus to start with, and women who are estrogen-dominant. But why?

I've had these fuckers for five menstrual cycles now, and the pain always gets terrible before my period. It coincides splendidly with the time when progesterone is dominant in my body, and I am therefore nuts (day 24-28) . (My most loony day is day 26, when for health and safety reasons I am not allowed to wield knives or stand on step-stools. Even going up & down the stairs is hairy). I also get deranged irritable bowel upset stomach thing going on, which I don't have the rest of the month as long as I stick to my ultra-strict gallstone diet. WHY?! It seems unfair - I'm already miserable from what my hormones are doing - do I really need the gallstone pain as well? Yay, body!

Also, my breasts have swollen up to the approximate size & shape of a Galia melon. I think that's what they're called - the little yellow ones. Not watermelon, anyway (god. that *WOULD* be painful!) ;). I can't wear a bra because any bra presses against my gall bladder, so I'm wearing a crop top thing that has no support in whatsoever - well, not for enormous swollen breasts, anyway. They are all stuffed with ouchiness. I have no idea how I'm going to get any sleep tonight. Bah!
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