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In an attempt to post something that isn't depressing, depressed or moany, here is some surreality:

From the bottom of a Tetra Pak containing innocent smoothie:
Triangles are good aren't they We like them
because they remind us of Toblerones
and tents and those maths lessons
where you got to measure the
hypotenuse and the
3-4-5 thing

innocent smoothies always have at least one, if not three, episodes of surreality. The ingredients list for this particular smoothie includes one small church* (*please forgive us). Another that's in our fridge at the moment contains three small pebbles* (*we lied about the pebbles). It also has a map of where they source "most of" their ingredients from (map of the world).

The Most Wrong Sims 2 Player Ever: Marduk the Flayer & The Terrible Metamorphosis of K. Tomishekmann. This guy is just... Wrong. All of it. The video at the end of that second link is terrifying. If you care about your sims, that is.
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