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Some ways to come out.

I was having trouble starting today's journal entry. I wanted to write about what we've been doing this weekend, but when I started to write the entry it sounded like a shopping list. I hate it when that happens.

So I left the entry unfinished and started to catch up with all the newsgroups I haven't been reading (because I've been busy doing the aforementioned other things), and this post caught my eye. I liked it so much I decided to put a link to it here. I managed to persuade Google Groups to cut down its original URL, which took up six lines in this text window and featured the arcane device of +%0A+++++++++++y6yitiy1pk5.fsf%40eden.cs.utah.edu, to a mere groups.google.com/groups?q=msgid:y6yitiy1pk5.fsf%40eden.cs.utah.edu&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&scoring=r
, but that's still a bloody long URL and I'm not sure if it'll work properly. Oh well.

Specifically, the part of the post I liked was as follows:
...there are a number of situations in which to 'broadcast' your sexuality. You just can't wait until someone brings up sexuality, because many (at least, many of the people I've come out to) are homophobic enough that they find talking about sexuality uncomfortable and dirty. You just have to realize that this is one of the problems we hope coming out can solve.

I've come out to friends while watching TV (a straight female friend said she thought some guy was cute, I disagreed), while sitting at a computer (what are you doing? reading or posting to soc.bi), while discussing politics (queer marriage. easy), while sitting on a train (I'm going to see my boyfriend), while discussing blood drives (again, easy: I can't give blood because I'm bi and have had sex with a man since 1977 (or is it five years? either works)), etc.

There are many, many places to bring up your sexuality if you're looking for them.

That was written by Adam C. Wick, who is BroAdam on #soc.bi - if the URL I've given doesn't work, try going to Google Advanced Group Search and looking for his name in soc.bi.

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