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Christmas Wishlist thingy

In an attempt to get organised for C*******s, here is my wishlist: baratron @ TheThingsIWant.com. Only use this link if you were going to get me something anyway and have enough money to do so! (I don't like it when broke people feel obliged to buy me something just because it's gift-giving season - if you can't afford to pay your bills, what on earth are you doing spending money on total frivolities for me?!).

Note the priorities assigned to the various items, and that buying from amazon.co.uk is purely optional. (If you think they're evil, shop elsewhere!)

Notice also the general lack of video games on the list. Although there are several games I do want, I'm obsessed with Sims 2 at the moment and have a colossal stack of half-finished adventure games here. It's pointless spending money now on something I won't get round to playing for a few months :)

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