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Today I am mostly insane. Feeling quite happy until I remember the D00M and ANGzT. So I have been drowning out the noise in my head with VERY LOUD MUSIC.

It'll work until I get a headache.

Also, this is interesting: as one of those people who never fits in astrology, description of the Gemini/Cancer cusp. I'd cut & paste the entire text here with sarcastic comments inserted, except I can't be bothered. Suffice to say that the bits about being intuitive, abstract, having lots of friends, liking food and growling at people who threaten my friends are me, and the bits about wanting to look after relatives, liking team sports and having a tough outer shell are not. In a Barnum statement test, I randomly clicked on several of the cusp sign descriptions. It's true that a lot more of the Gemini/Cancer description applies to me than either Taurus/Gemini or Cancer/Leo, but the same could be said of Capricorn/Aquarius. Hrm.

Has anyone done some sort of blind test where they've taken lines of description as found in astrological profiles, and got people to say if that description applies to them or not; and then compared that with the "actual" profile that people of that astrological sign are supposed to have? Or with the same people's answers to how much of their astrological sign description they think matches them? It's easy to read an astrological profile and say "omg, that's so totally me!" when you're already expecting it to be, or "that couldn't be further from me if you tried" if you don't believe in astrology - but your own prejudices about whether or not you believe affect your willingness to accept ideas as being about you or not. If that makes any sense. Ability to do coherent English, she is gone again.

So, has anyone tried to separate out the ideas and do a blind test, and did they find anything significant?

I think I have the headache from the loud music starting :/

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