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a story of me, aged 7

Oh yeah, I did think of something interesting to post :)

On Christmas Day, my mum told me a story about when I was young that I hadn't heard before. When I was 7, my dad went on a business trip in October. (I remember this, because I made my Brownie Promise on October 20th 1983, and we had to hire a video camera and video it because I was so upset that he'd miss it - and then I was so nervous I messed up the wording and had to start again.) He was also away for his birthday.

Apparently, I was upset that he was going to be away for his birthday, and insisted that my mum & I went out for a meal anyway, like we would have if he was there. Then I insisted on ordering three desserts - because we needed to have one each, plus the dessert my dad would have had if he'd been there. And I ate them all, as well.

Some things never change :)
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