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The Sims 2 Exchange SUCKS! - helen-louise
The Sims 2 Exchange SUCKS!
Everyone, please point and laugh at me. I foolishly and misguidedly decided to upload my latest Sims 2 story to the Exchange because I believed that it would be QUICKER than uploading it to livejournal, and having to write the HTML. How wrong I was.

The Maxis Exchange SUCKS. Not only is it immensely slow, and the game lies to me, regularly claiming that my story hasn't uploaded when it has. But also, for some stupid reason, you have to start with a new Lot ID every time you upload a new story if you want previous episodes to show up. How daft is that? Surely lots of people write multi-Chapter stories? Not realising this, I managed to overwrite Chapter 1 with Chapter 2, and then the same in reverse. Bah. If I didn't keep backups like a paranoid person, I'd have been really screwed...

So, after much, much hassle, I finally managed to upload the first two chapters of my Ethiopian Challenge story. This is the evil Challenge I have mentioned several times, where the poor sims have to manage without many things we'd consider essential for life. It's so evil - and so fun!

Chapter 1: Meet Extremely Tormented
Chapter 2: No Food And A Baby!

It has a happy ending, so far. No one's died :) The sims do have to die of old age for the Challenge to end, but I will eventually resurrect them, and thus maintain my perfect 100% No Sim Death record.

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trinker From: trinker Date: 3rd January 2006 04:30 (UTC) (Link)
Whee, that was entertaining, thank you!
36 From: 36 Date: 3rd January 2006 20:49 (UTC) (Link)
Ha, I'm vacariously playing Sims 2 through you, with none of the addictive qualities :)

Thanks for this!
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