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I am in a foul mood for a large number of reasons. Today I taught two students, both of whom were frustrating enough for different reasons that I spent the whole lesson wanting to strangle them. Murder is still illegal. I think this sucks, and there should be an exception made for the willfully stupid.

Such as the idiot cyclists in Epsom. Every time I go there, I see at least one, and I'm sure it's not the same one. People riding a bicycle in winter after dark without lights (illegal) and wearing all dark clothing (stupid). Of course, they don't have cycle helmets either, or reflectors, or anything else sensible. Today's idiot cyclist was not only unlit and unprotected, but also cycling the wrong way round a one-way system (there is no cycle contraflow lane). He still does not beat the previous idiot's record, which was cycling the wrong way round a one-way system on the pavement.

I am also cold. So cold, and I can't get warm. All this rah rah lose weight, it's the greatest thing ever campaigning is all very well, but it doesn't warn you that after you lose the weight, you'll be fucking freezing all the time. Yesterday i sat in the front room wearing underwear, a vest, long-sleeved t-shirt, two cardigans (one hooded), long socks, slippers, leggings and a thick skirt, and the heating was on, and I was still so cold I could hardly type. Today, I am sitting on a jumper to stop the heat escaping from my arse into the sofa, rubbing my feet together constantly to create friction, and wearing gloves inside the house, and thus am almost warm enough to function. It is, apparently, 17.2 degrees C in here, which is cool, but not cold enough for me to feel this bad. Any crapness in my typing is due to the gloves.

It is also damp. My knees know it. The joints in my big toes know it. Someone on irc asks me twice a day if we have snow yet, and I reply "it's 3.2 degrees C outside" (or whatever it actually is at that moment). I wish it would snow - that would take the dampness out of the air and precipitate it on the ground. Instead, we have fog and smog and other such lovely droplets of water to make me ache and gather pollution.

Am somewhat nauseated by what is happening to "my" political party, and unsure who to blame for it. Don't really want to get into a debate, either, 'cos it'll turn into a flame war soon enough - I notice that all the people I expect to have an educated opinion on this have said very little in posts public enough for me to read.

And this week's Dykes To Watch Out For is positively terrifying.

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