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another dessert story

See also eating three desserts.

When I was at college, I was on a very large number of committees, because I have a stunning inability to say no. One of the committees was Refectory Services Committee - which I actually enjoyed, because it was about food. (I think I was the only person in living memory who had ever volunteered to be on it.) One time I went along to the meeting, and happened to praise the caramel apple tart that the Student Union catering sometimes sold. Apparently, the very next day, said tart was on the Union menu - written up on the blackboard as "Helen-Louise's Caramel Apple Tart". I was ill that day, and missed seeing it - but everyone who even vaguely knew me told me about it for the next week. Although as it was before the days of mobile phone cameras, I never did get proof that it had really happened...

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