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Grand Theft Audio gig review.

I suppose I should get round to actually updating the diary part of this sometime rather than just waffling. But that would involve effort. Waffling is easy, writing about things to order is a bit harder. Oh well. Let's see...

On Thursday 24th August Richard and I went to see Grand Theft Audio at the Camden Barfly.

I started off running late because the person who was supposed to be interviewing me for a job was nearly 45 minutes late calling me. Then she didn't have the CV that I'd emailed through the night before, so I had to spend half an hour answering really basic questions about my name, address and qualifications. Bizarrely, she wanted them in the order "GCSEs, degree, A-levels" rather than the chronological order you'd expect, "because our system lists them in alphabetical order". Hmmm.

It was a hot, muggy night, and by the time I got to Waterloo I was falling over on my feet. I'd wanted to rush straight off to Camden, but I felt that I was likely to pass out before getting anywhere near Camden, so I made myself sit down and eat a bagel. Eventually I could focus again, so we got the tube up to Chalk Farm, and played the fun game of "trying to remember where the Monarch is". When we arrived, various members of Grand Theft Audio were littering the pavement outside, so we knew they couldn't be onstage. We got upstairs to discover that the Monarch was pretending to be a sauna. It was So Fucking Hot that sweat was pouring off the audience members. And it was so packed that we couldn't see a thing. So we went back downstairs to hydrate ourselves in peace and quiet. Eventually, all of GTA came in and sat at the table opposite ours. I wandered over to ask if they knew what time they'd be playing. The spiky-barneted Chris (heh, two of us can play at this game!) answered "in 20 minutes or so" and proceeded to moan about How Fucking Hot it was. The videos in the pub were showing MTV or something, and after a truly awful Metallica video (Metallica in the desert with comedy facial hair) the video for "We Luv U" came on. Someone pointed this out to the band, and they sat there laughing at how silly they looked on TV. I told the soberer ones that Richard had put that video on DVD, and they were interested for all of 30 seconds until some cute girls came along that they knew.

The actual gig wasn't too bad. It seemed that half the audience had been there to see the middle band and buggered off afterwards. It was still like a sauna, but we at least had space to move. Three members of Grand Theft Audio trod on my foot going to the stage - I was rather upset when the fourth managed to avoid it. It was just as well that there was a bit of space in the room, as there was an extremely bright strobe light flashing in my eyes throughout the first song. This pissed me off enough that I went to stand in the middle of the crowd just behind the mosh pit. Apart from the fact that various drunk people elbowed me in the tits (anyone know where I can get a nice metal breastplate?), this turned out to be a good place to stand, as Jay decided to spend more than half the gig singing in the middle of the audience. Strange guy. GTA played most of the stuff on their album, or maybe all of it, and covered "Fight For Your Right to Party" as an encore. The only downer was that despite the fact that the Monarch is about the size of my bedroom, Richard hadn't been able to take any photos because some twat had poured beer over the digital camera. Ah well. There'll be another time...

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