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I saw this and thought of epi_lj: Sunday's User Friendly, a.k.a. I.T. Agony Bingo. Of course, it also applies to anyone else I know who works in tech support or on a helldesk. It's just that I'm certain If has posted about cow-orkers saying every single one of the things on that card ;)

Freefall is a web comic that Richard found in a link from The Whiteboard (a furry paintball comic, if you can believe there's such a thing). It features a turtle guy, a robot, and a wolfy girl who are all travelling together in a spaceship. This strip is very important in understanding me ;)

This page has been open in my browser for a couple of weeks: Polyurethanes! Includes the chemical structure of Spandex (R). How cool!

OK, back to editing my latest Sims story...
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