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dear world, please stop spinning, love h-l x.

I am having a problem at the moment where I get dizzy if I suddenly stand up, and positively vertigo-y with room spinning if I bend down. Yay. This has been going on for a few weeks, but I only noticed today when I got "seasick" on the bus. (As in, oh my god, the whole world is shaking up and down - but it isn't!). I realise now that the "flashes" of dizziness I've had when jumping up to write on the whiteboard are nothing to do with being overwhelmed by the brilliant shiny white board, and actually more likely my blood pressure doing weird things. Likewise, "flashes" of dizziness and nausea when loading or emptying the washing machine are nothing to do with any stench emanating from the kitchen bin. Bah.

Fortunately (?), the instructions that come with mirtazapine (a.k.a. Zispin) say that dizziness and sudden drop in blood pressure on standing are a known side-effect. As this is the drug that has most recently had its dosage changed, I'm suspecting this is the issue. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday anyway, so I can talk about this then. Yay. I should probably also read the leaflets of everything else I'm on right now and see what any of them say. Knowing my luck, I probably have insanely high blood pressure thanks to Efexor that then drops away to bugger all thanks to mirtazapine. *roll eyes*

Anyway, I am feeling like total dizzy nauseous crap right now. It's manifesting mostly as sudden low blood sugar, if you know what that feels like. But right now, I have eaten two meals in the last 4 hours and had a large glass of juice, so it's pretty unlikely that I do have low blood sugar. Gah. Also have an enormous amount of sympathy/empathy for Natalya, who has been dealing with this on a much, much worse scale for several months now. This is nothing compared to hers. God!

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