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video game rip-off/homage

Richard & I are busy killing ourselves with laughter. He's playing a level in Ratchet & Clank 3 which is INSANE. These are the elements:

  • a homage to Amplitude (purple scenery with loud music blasting out of speakers on either side of the track)
  • a tribute to Frequency (pink & purple "tube" that you could run all round, with explosions timed to the music)
  • a twisted corridor like Zelda: The Ocarina Of time (ok, that's not rhythm action. Whatever :P)
  • shooting a giant sphere made up of panels, like Earth-Mega/Giga/Terra in Rez
  • jumping on neon pink & blue panels to avoid them as they lit up, like the opposite of DDR
  • fighting a girl robot who dances and sings on a circular stage like Space Channel 5. Also, she says things like "Oops, I did it again", so maybe there's a Britney's Dance Beat thing going on as well (ARGH!).

I was going to bed to write more of my story, but now I'm stuck here until he finishes the level, so I can see which other games get ripped-off paid homage to ;)
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