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The news, by wolfy - helen-louise
The news, by wolfy
Two pieces of news that deserve severe TEETH:
2 decades together mean nothing in Oklahoma law. Notice the bit where the cousins, having obtained the whole ranch for free, are suing the survivng partner for back rent.

Dying New Jersey law enforcement officer begs the local government to give her pension to her partner. Blah.

Happy wolfy news:
A Jamaican sled-dog racer has arrived in Aviemore to enter Europe's largest husky racing event, despite never having seen snow before. Cuteness!
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From: (Anonymous) Date: 20th January 2006 23:25 (UTC) (Link)
Those first two stories do seem rather harsh to the people concerned.

As for the dog-sled team, that sounds nice; if you haven't seen the film "Cool Runnings" (based on a true story) then I'd recommend it.
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