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out-surrealed by open source

You know, I am thoroughly in favour of open source software. But when I read something like "Build contributed in collaboration with the community by Sun Microsystems, Inc.", it makes me have sudden urges to donate my entire life savings to Microsoft.

Yes, I'm weird.

As for "This product has been created with contributions from the OpenOffice.org community, of which Sun Microsystems Inc. is the founding member. OpenOffice.org acknowledges all community members, especially those mentioned at http://www.openoffice.org/welcome/credits.html."...! Please, take my money, and make this horrible, woolly, lovey-dovey, inclusive credit go away! Next thing you know, they'll be thanking me for helping to save the left-handed lesbian disabled differently-abled whales, and an optional "knitting your own yogurt" component will pop up...

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