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GATTACA, and Spoons.

Your links of the week:
Dance Dance DNA Revolution, via hatter. Museum uses a DDR footpad with custom game to teach kids about DNA sequencing. How freaking cool is that?

SPOONFIC, vis wispfox. Rated "R" for wRong, apparently, this utterly charming little ficlet is about the sex lives of kitchen utensils. I admit I had tears in my eyes by the end of it. Adorable.

Going Underground from Guardian Unlimited, via katyha. Kinda like the Great Bear poster that we have on our wall, but goes further - rather than just replacing all the names of the Underground stations with band names, it actually uses the interchange stations for "crossover" artists who make music in more than one genre. It's cool, even if you disagree with the creator's choices. (hiddenpaw was upset that the Northern line wasn't Goth, and we all thought the Hammersmith & City should be Gay Disco music.)

Public Service Announcement for the dairy-impaired: Dairy-free (vegan) 'kiddy' chocolate Easter eggs exist again this year. Yay! (I do warn you, though, they're so tiny I had a job not to eat an entire egg & contents in one go last year).

I'm off to continue tormenting my sims now - muahahahaa! Expect a new chapter of one of my stories within the week.
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