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[writing].wordcount - helen-louise
Today has mostly been a good day. Got out of bed too early and went to Worthing to see ludy and her flat. Took the laptop with me and worked on creative $stuff on the way. First, I grabbed the webentry.xml file for my last "proper" Sims 2 story and took out all of the web formatting so it was text only, and found it was 5521 words! I haven't started editing it into a "real" story yet, so some of the paragraphs are a bit disjointed where they still need the photo to link them together, but I'm so pleased! Playing with Sims 2 storytelling really *has* broken the "I can't write fiction" block I've had in my head for more than a decade.

Then I wrote 1636 words of the Work In Progress. About 1200 of that was on the way out, the remaining 400 on the way back - I would've done more, but I started to feel really sick on the journey home :/ It seems that I'm not very compatible with the fast line trains from Brighton via East Croydon and Clapham Junction. The line is quite bumpy for some reason, and you spend an hour basically bouncing up and down on the seat. This, plus the excess heating and lack of openable windows, is a bad combination for someone prone to motion sickness :/ (I remember I felt this way last time I came home from Brighton - that time, I wasn't sure if it was my gall bladder acting up, but today I definitely didn't eat anything I shouldn't have). I managed not to actually throw up on the train (or indeed at all), but it was a close-run thing. Certainly, staring at a computer was a Bad Idea.

So, yes - first few hours of the day rocked, next few hours sucked. Now I'm feeling mostly better and hoping my digestive system will behave for the rest of the night. Richard managed to solve my dilemma of what to eat by wandering in with a hot cross bun which smelled delicious - I can't eat the shop-bought ones, but I can set the breadmaker going on dough. It just beeped, so I'm going to shape the dough and bake it & see how it works.

Current Mood: pleased pleased

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judiff From: judiff Date: 8th February 2006 15:04 (UTC) (Link)
the line isn't desginde for fast trains.
bread sounds nice.
baratron From: baratron Date: 8th February 2006 15:59 (UTC) (Link)
It was sweet bread with cinnamon in - like a hot cross bun only without the dried fruit (which I don't much care for) or the cross on the top (because I couldn't be bothered). It didn't work perfectly, but it tasted ok.
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