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cold and sick

Am freezing cold, and sick, and miserable. People who have irritable bowel or other digestive woes may know this one well - feeling like your whole gut is stuffed full of wind, with strange pain and cramping sensations that are spasmodic and slightly random; always there, but some seconds worse than the next few seconds. And at the same time, being so cold like there is a giant icicle inside you, and feeling like if you could only warm up you might feel better - and indeed, putting hot things on your sore belly or back does help with the cramping, but not with the coldness. Drinking ordinary room-temperature water feels like drinking ice, it makes you even colder than how you already feel. And even after you force yourself to think of a hot drink that you can tolerate without getting nauseous, it warms just a small section of you while the rest cramps up around it. Ow ow ow.

Went to Brighton for BiFest and Dyke Modern. Yesterday was good, but "eventful" - in a bad way. (I should point out that none of my loved ones were directly involved, and the most serious injury suffered was me injuring my finger on a toilet door lock and it going all bruised and purple - and this wasn't even related!). Proper write-up will follow when not dead. Today was just good without the "eventful", apart from the parts involving trains - but it started too early after not enough sleep.

Tomorrow is still scheduled to involve me teaching a two hour "group" class at 9.30am, but fortunately doesn't involve having to go to Epsom like it was going to - however, even then, I won't finish work until about 8ish. Blergh. I wasn't terribly sure how I'd manage this anyway, but with this horrible gut cramping and the strained muscles in my shoulders, tummy and back? Oh God.
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