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Messages To Various People

Happy Birthday to my metamour [*], the lovely rowan_leigh, someone I've known for 3 years now, and shared a partner with for well over 2. May this year be calm and peaceful for you, and may our relationship web continue to be a happy one.

[*] Partner's partner, or "partner-in-law".

Happy Valentine's Day to all my partners, loved ones and friends. I hope that wherever you are, you're aware of the love that I have for you, and the importance you have in my life. Whether you have a partner or partners at the moment or not, I hope that you feel wanted and appreciated.

A big Fuck You to the person or people who came into our garden sometime between 11am and 3.30pm and stole the single red rose that had been left on our doorstep by my mother. Fine, you wanted a rose to give someone and were too cheap to buy one. Did you have to steal the card from my mum as well? I hope the rose withers up and spreads greenfly all over your other plants. Asswipe.

Notice the complete difference in tone between the first two messages and the last one. Humph :)
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