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Someone on irc used a mIRC macro and slapped me around with a large trout. While I don't eat meat, my Otterylexa is a keen pescevore, being an otter an' all. Thus, all I could think of just then was "What a waste! There's good eating on a trout!". Then because Merriam-Webster didn't contain the word "pescevore", I had to go through Google to Wikipedia, where the only entry containing "pescavore" (their spelling - which makes no sense to me, as my memory tells me that Latin for fish is pesces, no a in it) seems to equate it with being "vegetarian except for fish", and that's not right at all for an Alexa.

Then I clicked on a link from the pescatarian page to "complete protein", and realised I already knew everything on that page. I didn't think I knew anything about protein, but apparently I know everything! That's actually strangely depressing... :/
Tags: lexa, tilting at windmills

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