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"combined with the most revolting food product ever invented..."

My gallstones are being evil little buggers at the moment. I'm hoping this means that the gallstone-dissolving medicine is working, and they're getting smaller and rattling around more. Blah.

Today I made a creation out of tofu and maple syrup. It is allegedly a "cheesecake". I, personally, think it looked a lot more edible before it was baked, but never mind, eh? (I also ate some of the raw slop, and it was quite nice - would've been lovely chilled). I won't know what it's like as a baked cheesecake for ages, because it has to cool down enough for me to be able to put it in the fridge, and then it has to chill down to dessert temperature. And Alexa has just said "butterbug maple ambrosia" to me on irc, and I'm laughing my head off at the reference.

Johari/Nohari: Just so you know, I haven't been doing them for anyone. Not because I don't love you, but because I entirely suck at picking the n "best" of anything, in just about any context. (I can do things like pick my n favourite bands/ albums/ video games of RIGHT NOW, but ask me for a lifetime list, and I'll ask you for a couple of weeks to get it together). Alexa was the first person to post a list who I knew well enough to comment, and I spent about half an hour looking, and just couldn't get it down to 6 adjectives. I could pick out the ones that were completely the opposite of her ("religious", f'rex), but there were at least 12 which all applied equally. So I just went "meh" at the whole thing.

Note that I would, much, much, rather do it by Multi-ballot Antivote, where I could vote for the 6 adjectives that were least like someone. That's easy.

Working again tomorrow. Won't get to Picocon. Sux0rs. Want this week to be over now, please, so I can get some sleep!
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