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i'm bored with this - helen-louise
i'm bored with this
I am having an Attack of gallstones. Been feeling sore on and off for a couple of weeks, but it got really bad on Saturday, and by late last night I was at the stage of being unable to move where the pain was so bad. (I went to help Richard put clean sheets on the bed and just the effort of pulling out the clean bedding drawer was enough to have me collapsed on my knees clutching my belly for 10 minutes.)

Made an emergency appointment with the GP this morning and have had my abdomen prodded & so on. There are, as yet, no signs of an infection - my temperature and pulse & everything were normal, so i just went away with a prescription for stronger painkillers than you can buy over the counter. Am somewhat stoned and hungover as a result, and still in pain. Have been lying in bed playing Pokemon XD, which was a Christmas present from Tim & Peter. It's really good - much, much better than Colosseum was - almost everything that bugged me about Colosseum has been fixed, with the exception of having to play as a male character.) I have also FINALLY ordered the last part of our Christmas present to them.


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moo58 From: moo58 Date: 20th February 2006 19:28 (UTC) (Link)
Not going to try surgery again? I had mine removed and it made a world of difference.
baratron From: baratron Date: 20th February 2006 21:57 (UTC) (Link)
Not unless I have to. To be honest, I'm unsure quite why they push so hard that gallbladder removal is the only option. Although it gets boring & frustrating at times, I'm quite happy being on this low-fat diet - a diet that includes chocolate brownies once or twice a day is absolutely fine in my book :) The only things I used to eat a lot of and can't now are nuts, veggie sausages, and the amazing vegan cheese & "bacon" - but I can live without all of those things.

I've lost tons of weight - and believe me, I have NEVER been able to lose weight before while still eating sensibly. It horrifies me how high in fat my old diet must have been. I am eating almost normal-sized meals (my appetite has decreased a bit) with lots of carbohydrate products and vegetables that I love, including many vegetables that I haven't been able to eat in years because of irritable bowel. (It turns out almost all my IBS was caused by the gallstones). As I make my own cakes & puddings, I can have pudding with lunch and dinner, including low-fat ice creams, sorbets, rice pudding, "cheesecake" (made with tofu) and cakes. 2 portions of cake a day! Plus fruit. Lots of fruit.

The pain I have is generally manageable with Buscopan (an antispasmodic med for the digestive system) and occasional paracetamol (a.k.a. acetaminophen). This is the first REALLY bad attack I've had since October. The belief is that the pain is being caused by my gallstones dissolving in the unspellable bile acids that I'm taking, and hence becoming smaller, and rattling around more. This bad attack is hopefully one of the gallstones trying to make its exist.

Do I sound like I'm evangelising? :) I dunno, I'm just amazed at the difference in my health since changing my diet - how much more energy I have, and how many more foods I can eat. Going on an ultra low-fat diet is supposedly more restrictive, but for me it's been wonderful. When I no longer have gallstones, however that comes about (either through them dissolving and buggering off, or through surgery), I'm never going to go back to eating the way I used to. I'll certainly be pleased to have peanut butter and cashew nuts and sausage/bacon sandwiches and pizza in my diet, but no more adding fat to foods just for the sake of it. If I can make cake that tastes this good without margarine or oil, why change?

I certainly don't want to go back to Kingston Hospital - it has the third worse rate of MRSA infection in the country, and frankly, having spent ~18 days there over the past 6 months, I know why. (I wasn't exaggerating about the unemptied bedpans sitting around for >6 hours at a time!). If I do have to have the operation, I will insist on going to a different hospital.
baratron From: baratron Date: 20th February 2006 22:00 (UTC) (Link)
That is, a gallstone trying to make its EXIT :) Not "exist". We already know they exist...
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