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I am having an Attack of gallstones. Been feeling sore on and off for a couple of weeks, but it got really bad on Saturday, and by late last night I was at the stage of being unable to move where the pain was so bad. (I went to help Richard put clean sheets on the bed and just the effort of pulling out the clean bedding drawer was enough to have me collapsed on my knees clutching my belly for 10 minutes.)

Made an emergency appointment with the GP this morning and have had my abdomen prodded & so on. There are, as yet, no signs of an infection - my temperature and pulse & everything were normal, so i just went away with a prescription for stronger painkillers than you can buy over the counter. Am somewhat stoned and hungover as a result, and still in pain. Have been lying in bed playing Pokemon XD, which was a Christmas present from Tim & Peter. It's really good - much, much better than Colosseum was - almost everything that bugged me about Colosseum has been fixed, with the exception of having to play as a male character.) I have also FINALLY ordered the last part of our Christmas present to them.

Tags: my evil gall bladder, pokemon

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