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wolfy + cake = happy wolfy

My first student came 20 minutes early today. I was making gingerbread when she turned up, and had to finish it before I could see her. (Otherwise, the cake mix would sit in the pan and lose air, and be all sulky by the time I got round to baking it.)

She asked, "Is there a special occasion?". I replied "I like cake?!". And then went on to explain about my food issues making it impossible for me to buy cake, so I need to make my own. But that was something of a logical disconnect between h-l and the rest of society. Apparently, normal people only make cakes on special occasions. This boggles my mind. Cake is good! Homemade cake is even reasonably healthy. Even if my cakes weren't ultra-low fat, they'd still be lower in fat than a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, while providing a good mix of complex and simple carbohydrates.

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