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I feel horrible. Been plagued by nightmares for the last week, often waking up from one and going straight into the next. On Thursday, I managed to have four nightmares in a row which went through the entire range of my buttons. Am pretty fragile as a result. Also, my gall bladder is being evil all the time, no matter what I do or eat. Today's digestive TMI has featured a horribly upset stomach and nausea. Right now, I'm slowly eating my way through an utterly plain baguette, which is more-or-less the blandest thing I can think of that's actually edible plain, and still having random attacks of wobbly dizzy nausea.

Also I'm having weird problems with my net connection. After 3 days of not being able to connect to any bittorrent sites despite the sites being up, I downloaded a different client which fixed the problem. But now I can't connect to livejournal through Semagic. Richard thinks the last official Windows Update included some sort of anti-spoofing "fix" (to prevent people entering their e.g. PayPal account details on a non-PayPal site) which has broken some of my clients. All I know is it's pissing me off. Yes, the world will not end if I can't connect to bittorrent or post in my livejournal, but it annoys me!

I've had some thoughts about why the whole hospital thing upset me so much, but a) I'm feeling too crappy to try to articulate them now, and b) having to post through the update.bml page instead of Semagic is too irritating for long posts. (I still remember the really long post I wrote about going to the site of the World Trade Center and the site of the Stonewall riots, and how they affected me, and it being eaten by the bloody computer in the basement of the hostel I was staying at! I don't trust the web "client", Autosaved draft at 8:08:46 PM or not!).
Tags: moaning, my evil gall bladder

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