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Seven Things That Are Currently Pissing Me Off

A while ago, the lovely rjw1 wrote a list of seven things that were pissing him off, and he tagged me to do the same. I was feeling quite mellow at the time, so even though I thought "OMYGODIGOTTAGGED!!" and got all excited, I couldn't think of anything to say. Now I can.

1. My evil gall bladder. Enough said.
2. Stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. My 4 favourite things in the universe. Not.
3. The Windows "Update" that killed all my clients. Still can't use Semagic to get to livejournal. This is not progress.

4. Bittorrents. Some of my bittorrents download for all of 30 seconds (slight exaggeration), then declare "Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process". So I'm having to sit here constantly clicking "Start". Uploading is fine, it's just downloading that won't work :/ (And, while this may sound like whining, what I'm using it for is at least semi-legal: viewing of anime that's been shown on tv that isn't available to buy yet - and yes, I will be buying it, as soon as I can. Have you seen how many Pokemon DVDs I own?!)

5. Timetabling woes. I have 3 students who live within 20 minutes walk of each other, and they're all available on Tuesday evenings. You'd have thought it should be possible for me to make ONE trip to see all three of them, but no. Two of them aren't available before 5pm, and the other is ONLY available 7-8pm. And, given the fact they don't live exactly next to each other, it doesn't work out. Bah.

6. The hole in the ozone layer. Every single time I have to teach atmospheric chemistry, and intermittently at other times as well, I get all stompy and bitey about how the world's going to hell and the governments don't care. This is why I'm not a researcher anymore. I just couldn't handle KNOWING all this stuff and knowing that y'know, CFCs were proven to be causing ozone destruction in 1973, yet it took until 1987 before the Montreal Protocol was signed, and plenty of ozone-depleting substances weren't even phased out until 1994. We're still using a bunch of solvents that have ozone depletion potential. I personally don't, we only buy paints and varnishes that have Minimal VOC content, and the only aerosol I use has nitrogen as its propellant.

7. Global warming. See previous rant. Bah.
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