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political blog of the century

Hooray! Richard has fixed Windows, so I can use clients to connect to sites again. Richard is clever.

Here is the bestest political blog ever: The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant. Millennium Dome the (white?) elephant lives with his two daddies, Daddy Richard and Daddy Alex, and their large collection of James Bond and Dr Who DVDs. His insights into politics include, today:

Here is an INTERESTING FACT: although TEN DOWNING STREET is the home of the Prime Minister, Mr Blair does not live there! In fact a man called MR GORDON FROWN lives at Number Ten Downing Street…

(…and Mr Blair lives in a HOLLOWED OUT VOLCANO!)

Mr Frown is like a BANK MANAGER – he likes to keep all of your money and then sends you bills for things you did NOT want in the first place. Usually rubbish things like a LETTER telling you you have gone OVERDRAWN or a SMALL WAR in the MIDDLE EAST. That sort of thing.

Utterly hilarious. Highly recommended :)

I just wish it was easier to read blogs. I like livejournal because all my subscribed journals turn up on one page. With blogs, you have to go to every single one separately, and that just takes so long :/
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