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don't panic

Started to write about how frustrated and resentful I'm feeling, but bloody awful gallstone pain started. i think this is sod'a law - i'd been going to moan about something fairl trvviail, so my body decfied to giv me something "proper" to moan about. i'm curled up on the bedroom floor with large amounts of tmi going on, waiting to see if the dihydrocodeine does anything. omfg ow.

cba to edit typos, but i'm not asbout to drop dead or anything, nor is there much anyone cvan do except send healing energy and "hope the painkillers stay down" energy. once i can actually move i'm going to get into bed and play some gam e to distract me. now, if i could only get rid of the damn pins and needles in my feet and legs, i'd be much happier.
Tags: my evil gall bladder

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